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A message from our Program and Publicity Director

Jacqueline Beesley



My husband and I were always interested in sports cars, our favourite was the corvette. We finally bought a C4 convertible that needed a little work. When purchasing parts, I ran into a C4 enthusiast who suggested I find a local Corvette club. Shortly after my husband and I joined PRCC. It was nice to find a place where a hobby could be converted to a couple’s interest. Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I am now the Program and Publicity Director responsible for leading the drive and picking the venue. Since we all know Corvettes need exercise during the summer months. We meet at a central location and as a group we drive to a restaurant for our meeting. During the drive you notice a lot of people waving to us or recording our cars with their cell phones.  If you like driving your Vette and dining out, while enjoying the company of fellow Corvette owners........ then come to a meeting and check us out.