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What the Pine Ridge Corvette Club

can do for you

That's a nice car you're driving. Now you need some friends to share
the experience with. We would like you to come for a drive with us and
see what joining a club can do for your driving pleasure.

Somewhere near the end of April, the winter beaters get put away and our
driving season starts. Once a month we gather in a local parking lot
and drive around some back roads for an hour or so to a restaurant for
dinner. We hold a brief meeting, chatter with our friends and
eventually head for home. It doesn't sound like much, until you try
it. If you think your car looks great, it looks a whole lot better when
it travels with other beautiful cars. If your other friends are tired
of listening to you talk about your car, we can't get enough. Bring
your less interested better half. Many in the club are just as happy to
talk about shopping, or the technical aspects of 3D TV.

At whim, we will go mini golfing, take a weekend in Muskoka, or plan
some other social activity that gets us out driving. As winter sets in,
most of us put the cars away, but we continue to entertain each other at
a local restaurant and brighten the winter with cross border shopping
trips, plays, and other activities.

Shine that car. Get it ready for us to admire. Come drive with people
who love this stuff.

Take a look  at what we have and pick out something you might enjoy. The "Contact us" button will give you our Membership Director. An Email will get you information on going for a drive with us or where to find our shows.

Give it a shot: you just may have fun.


Want to see more reasons why you should join from our officers?

Membership Director