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A message from our Newsletter Editor

Cindy Wilcox

Since PRCC’s formation in 1975, there has been a club newsletter.  It is an important part of what the club does.  For a long time, it was the club’s key and really only method of communicating information out to the members.  Today, our monthly newsletter is complemented by our website and email.  Newsletter content includes things like the general meeting minutes, updates from the executive, upcoming events and flyers, show results, stories and pictures of club events and outings and other information that is of interest to our members.  In 2008, we were proud to place 2nd in the National Corvette Museum’s newsletter competition!  For our first 39 years, we distributed the newsletter in print forms (from very basic format to colour) and have evolved to our electronic/softcopy version.  We welcome sponsor and advertiser content which allows us to introduce our members to the great services available in our  communities.