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A message from our Quad C Governor

Rick Tweedell

Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs(er)

The Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs was formed in 1975 as an organization to bring all Corvette Clubs in Canada under one roof and to co-ordinate events between these clubs to allow members to enjoy their Corvettes at as many events as possible. Because of the size of Canada the organization was divided into two sections, CCCC(wr) and CCCC(er) with Winnipeg Manitoba being the dividing line. In order for the clubs to have representation within CCCC each one of them appointed a Club Governor to attend meetings to put forward club ideas and vote on any issues involving all clubs. These Governors also elected an executive body to operate CCCC and represent all clubs when making decisions that affect them. I have represented the Pine Ridge Corvette Club since the 1980s with the exception of 1996 – 1999 when I was the President of Council.

Quad ‘C’ now provides liability insurance to all member clubs which covers them for any club function. All club events are organized into an events calendar and every effort is made not to double book to maximize attendance at each clubs events. Council, at present, has two major sponsors, General Motors and Mobil 1, both of which donate monies to assist in the operation of Council. Mobil 1 also donates product which is distributed to all member clubs to be used as giveaways at their respective shows. Quad ‘C’ holds a sponsor appreciate event every year to thank our sponsors for their participation during the year. At this time, awards are also given to members for points accumulated at club events that they have attended throughout the year and it also gives attendees the opportunity to talk Corvettes.

Council organizes, with member club assistance, the ’Canadian Concours Nationals’ to allow members to present their Corvettes at this show to be judged against a standard. There are three levels of judging, the Signature Series, the Concours Prepared and the Street Show and Shine which allows the members to submit their cars for judging in the class that best suits them. There are only 10 cars judged in the Signature Series each year and they are awarded Gold, Silver and Bronze medallions representing their judging results. Awards are also given for the other two sections as well.

The Canadian Council of Corvette Clubs works hard to see that members of member clubs get to enjoy their Corvettes to the fullest, if they chose to do so.

Since it’s inception, The Pine Ridge Corvette Club has been a proud member of Quad ‘C’ and I’m happy to be the Governor representing our club.