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If you wish to contact the Pine Ridge Corvette Club,

please send an email to one of the following:

Dave Parenteau: president@prcc.ca
Deslie Shillabeer: vicepresident@prcc.ca
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .: secretary@prcc.ca
Debbi Wells: treasurer@prcc.ca
Cindy Wilcox: newsletter@prcc.ca
Carol Parenteau: socialdirector@prcc.ca
Stu Revell: webmaster@prcc.ca
Jacqueline & Mike Beesley:programpublicity@prcc.ca
Rick Tweedell: governor@prcc.ca
Steve Gibson: historian@prcc.ca
Dave Parenteau: membership@prcc.ca

Alternatively, complete and mail the application form