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A message from our Vice President

Deslie Shillabeer


I’ve always loved cars!!! From my earliest memories handing tools to my Dad as he worked on his Caddy, to being Mosport Rep. in High School to working on Team Race Tek in the 70’s and as a P.A. to a professional driver in the 80’s for Rivet Racing I love being around and owning great cars.
I owned my first Corvette in the late 70’s and was briefly a member of a fledgling PRCC back then.  In 2014, the Corvette bug bit again and after a ton of research and a lot of good luck a 1995 ZR-1 was acquired in April of 2016 and a 2008 C6 in December 2016. 
Mike and I are members of the ZR-1 Net Registry, and as awesome as it is, we both felt that we were missing out by not having a local affiliation.  Again, after lots of research and being thoroughly impressed by the 2018 Summers End show at the Oshawa Executive Airport we decided to join PRCC.  Little did I realize that the 2019 Show would be my responsibility – LOL.
I look forward to getting to know the Members of this wonderful club and welcome your input and comments to make our 2019 shows better than ever.
I have big shoes to fill following Les James, but I will try my best not to let him or the membership down.